‘Although I went on to study law at Nigeria’s University of Ilorin, my first love remained art. I’d stay up all night using charcoal to sketch intricate patterns and images. During my second… Get full gossip gist here

President Buhari says he is grateful that the rains didn’t ruin the year’s crop harvest, otherwise he would have gone on exile. He was joking when he spoke to members National Council of… Get full gossip gist here

A Michigan teen, Andrew David Willson has been arrested for fatally shot his mother in the back of the head after she told him he couldn’t keep a puppy in their home. The two had rowed over a… Get full gossip gist here

Since the 20th century, music has become one the most diverse form of performance art and this diversity is well represented in Nigerian music as our style of music has expanded beyond singular… Get full gossip gist here

The best way to make sure you have no say on social media again is to attack any Nigerians take pride. That will likely be the end of your fame on social media, especially Twitter. Mr Eazi is the… Get full gossip gist here

Guccio Gucci Italian brand, Gucci is one of the biggest names in luxury brand of fashion and leather goods. Founded in Florence, Italy in 1921, Gucci has since become an household name and its… Get full gossip gist here

On December 10 2005, an ill-fated plane crash took the lives of 108 Nigerians comprising 61 secondary school students and popular pastor Bimbo Odukoya.  Today she would have clocked 57 and her… Get full gossip gist here

A slight debate is happening on Twitter, occasioned by this tweet: Is this what y’all do on twitter?? I’m shocked like tf??? 😡😡😡 pic.twitter.com/v10th96X57 — Lola 🌹 (@kiiinglola)

Nigerian Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka condemned unscrupulous individuals who have created different social media accounts in his name calling them identity thieves and forgers as he… Get full gossip gist here

American gossip site TMZ is reporting that reality stars Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian may be losing custody of their ten month old daughter, Dream as the Los Angeles Dept. of Children and Family… Get full gossip gist here

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